Classical Osteopathy


a holistic concept of medicine.

Manual Osteopathy is a wonderful option for patients of all ages and abilities.


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Its practitioners operate based on 4 key tenants:

The body is a complete unit – when we impact mind, body or spirit, the rest of the unit shifts too.
The body is self regulating and has the ability to heal itself.

The structure and function of the body are interconnected at all levels.

Rational treatment is based on these principles and is therefore equitable and safe.

Osteopathy is about identifying and relieving tension within the body that causes restriction and asymmetry which can result in pain and discomfort either locally (near the site of the restriction) or in another part of the body (since the entire system is linked). As such, osteopathy has benefits far beyond relief of physical aches and pains. A manual osteopathic adjustment can cause shifts in digestion, urination, detox processes, hormonal regulation and regulation of the nervous system.


  • What does that mean?

An Osteopath can be a valuable part of your healthcare team if you are looking for support with:

  • Back pain (or any other physical aches and pains)
  • IBS / IBD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • And so much more

Osteopath Initial Treatments are 45-60 minutes in length and follow ups generally run about 25 minutes.

You can stay fully clothed during your Osteopath treatments ideally wearing comfortable and non-restrictive clothes for your appointment.

KūRated has a talented team of professionals, licensed in Ontario, that are here to help and have advanced training in a variety of techniques.


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If you are ready to relieve tension and discover a shift in yourbody you didn’t know you needed, book an appointment today with our highly sought after Osteopath.

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