Natalie Marchenko,


Individual/Couples Therapist

Are you feeling stuck? Do you want to make a change and just don’t know where to begin? Do you need a different perspective than that of your friends and family around you regarding your life situation?


I have a passion for working with individuals and couples looking to make a change or those who are facing a crossroad or large transition in their lives and are needing some strategies, guidance and support navigating these changes. I like to help guide others towards living their best life using the strength and resources they already have, through skills and practical guidance.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with specialized certification in Couples and Family Therapy. I have over 15 years experience working with clients experiencing issues such as anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, substance addictions, codependency/boundaries, compulsive behaviors (shopping/shoplifting, internet/gaming use, gambling, eating, sex). I also have experience working with individuals going through major life transitions such as divorce/separation, loss of employment and grief. Additionally, I have 10 years experience working in Children’s Mental Health.

More specifically, I am interested in helping women achieve the best version of themselves and help them identify the areas in their lives that are holding them back. As well, I am skilled in helping new and seasoned parents/couples navigate pre and post partum changes in their relationships – and addressing how pregnancy/child bearing/parenting can have such a tremendous impact on relationships and how to address the potential relationship/attachment issues that arise, while strengthening your couple relationship at the same time.

My approach to therapy is humanistic, client-centered and non-judgmental, helping people gain an understanding of the place that they have come to in their lives and supporting them in moving through it. In my practice, I use a variety of interventions and theoretical backgrounds depending on the issue that the client is facing. More specifically, I am experienced in cognitive-behavioral therapy, attachment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, experiential therapy, family systems, group therapy, emotionally-focused therapy and motivational interviewing, as well as brief solution-focused therapy.

Therapy can often lead to an increase in quality of life for the client, enriching relationships, replacing negative/unwanted behaviors with positive coping mechanisms and a gained understanding of one’s past and inner motivations. Let me help you, help yourself! I look forward to walking on your journey with you.